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new song

just wrote a new song that i thought i'd share. the first part is about my own internal struggle with the concept of fame and the privilege and power that i'm granted by being a white male performer, the second part is a critique of anarchist-celebrity bands like Against Me! and Anti-Flag. It's not that I blame these bands for the choices that they're making, I'm just arguing that we need to create a different culture surrounding music if we're ever going to get our ideas out.

thoughts are more than welcome.


what’s the point of fame
except to reinforce the social hierarchies we oppose?
what’s the point of a name
if it just becomes something that you drop?
when you feel insecure
and you’re not sure
if everybody in the room will have heard of your band before
and you’re on tour
and you haven’t seen a friend for at least a couple of days
let me count the ways that i
abuse the privilege granted to me buy this mandolin
and my white skin that bought me my first guitar
and everyone who told me, BOY you’re bound to be a star
yes you are.
boy, you’re bound to be a star.

and just like every major threat they somehow find a way to buy it
co-opt what we create while they get rich and we deny it
the tv tells us there are stars and fans there’s just one way to make it
follow the label’s rules use the master’s tools and when the big deal comes you take it.


you’re selling hope to angry kids
who think that you’re the only ones
who sing about what makes them sad
who understand the way they feel
but that’s just cuz your label pays
for multi-colored tour posters
so no one ever hears about
the kids doin’ it for real.

and i’m so tired of these anarchist celebrities
selling ten-dollar shrink-wrapped CDs
full of paper made from old-growth trees
and i know that we all have our hypocrisies
this isn’t about purity or punk rock points
it’s about taking back what’s left of our ideals
and trading in our egos for our dreams

and if i start to act like them, please call me on my shit.
because sometimes i get jealous, i will be first to admit
i’ve been brainwashed all my life and now i’m trying to think for myself
i think i’m gonna need some help.
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