Sakurame (sakuramelody) wrote in lyricalactivism,

Lyrical Activism: Version 2 (specs just incase someone gets sue happy *waves*)

for best visual: 1024x768 and Internet Explorer 6.0
Layout by sakuramelody
Disclaimer: Images copyrights of their respective owners and is for nonprofitable use.

Well I spent almost 12 hours trying to figure out how to make the layout compatible for FireFox.(the browser I normally use) I tried to mesh codes one for firefox and one I.E. but It screwed up both of them. So it was one or the other. So firefox users, I apologize. Making this layout was quite interesting... mostly a pain. I've spent more time working with S2 and since our community is s1 format, it was somewhat new to me. I started looking for tutorials that could help me find the overrides I needed... But there was no luck. So i spent a lot of hours reading CSS tutorials and tried to write my own overrides. Anyways. long story short; I hate CSS and I hate S1!!!*kicks* Its so limited and more complicated than it should be. ><

Other than that I learned a lot and hopefully it wont be as hard in the future.

If you see any graphical errors and/or bugs please report them to me. Also, if you feel up to it, send/post me a screenie of what you see when you visit the community. I would appreciate it very much so :D
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